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QUAT²RO® Logistics – Intralogistics

Your Dispatch Automation System

QUAT²RO® Logistics, the dispatch automation system from QUAT²RO GmbH, organizes your intralogistics in an instant. Whether packaged or loose goods, manual or automated loading, the receipt of raw materials, or the dispatch of finished products and the corresponding inventory management, the innovative QUAT²RO® Logistics management system impresses with flexible usage options and numerous benefits.

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  • Organization of the intralogistics for packaged and loose goods
  • Management of dispatch orders
  • Management of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Truck management
  • Management of the forklift control system in the warehouse
  • Management of the pallet warehouse
  • Recording of dispatch activities
  • Creation of delivery documents
  • Data exchange with the ERP system

Set New Standards for the Organization of Your Intralogistics!

Take the optimization of your dispatch activities to new heights with the QUAT²RO® Logistics dispatch automation system. Thanks to being networked with the company’s ERP system, the business level has a direct and almost paperless link to not only the plant’s incoming goods area and loading points but also its outgoing goods area. The wide-ranging benefits of automation and process management are therefore extended to all areas of intralogistics.

The direct communication with all machines and system components enables the needs-based specification of precise production and loading information. Whether packaged or loose goods, manual or automated loading, the receipt of raw materials, or the dispatch of finished products, the automation system provides valuable services with regard to linking the widest range of processes and avoiding ineffective workflows. For example, the automated management of dispatch orders enables plant traffic to be smoothly organized and loading errors to be avoided. Trucks are optimally routed through the plant and loaded with the right quantity of the right goods at the designated loading point in line with the dispatch order.

QUAT²RO® Logistics is an all-round solution for modern intralogistics. It offers intuitive user guidance, enhanced traceability for operators, and optimum collaboration with customer systems thanks to our automation solutions.
Peer Ketterle, Head of IIoT at QUAT²RO GmbH
  • Type of mixed product
  • Number of bags to be produced
  • Loading data for truck loading machines
  • Loading data for forklift drivers
  • Dispatch order number
  • Truck ID
  • Loaded quantity
  • Loading time, duration
  • Time between the plant entrance and exit
  • Truck weight (tare, gross)
  • Bag weight from the check weigher/packaging machine
  • And much more…
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Benefit from Smart Dispatch Logistics

  • Optimized organization of goods and truck traffic
  • Self-loading by drivers
  • Evidence of all dispatch activities
  • Avoidance of loading errors
  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Resource and time savings when managing dispatch orders

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Our Client, Holcim Chekka, successfully implemented QUT²RO® Logistics

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