QUAT²RO® Batch – Mixing Process Management

The batch management system works in conjunction with the customer’s control system to enable true-to-recipe, reproducible mixing processes. The consistent quality with automatic adherence to weights and seamless tolerance monitoring ensures maximum customer satisfaction. Furthermore, thanks to the reliable traceability of all processes and raw materials, the system plays an important part in supporting the customer’s own quality management processes. In addition to managing an unlimited number of recipes, it also impresses with the ability to individually configure the control recipes.

QUAT²RO® Batch – Features

  • Intelligent configuration and management of complex mixing processes for bulk materials and liquids
  • Automated handling of mixing processes on the basis of recipes
  • Consistent quality with automatic adherence to weights and seamless tolerance monitoring for outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Areas of use: chemical, cement, plaster, and mortar industries
  • Support for quality management
  • Reliable traceability of all processes and raw materials
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Manage, configure, and control an unlimited number of recipes

Industries for our Mixing Systems

  • Chemicals
  • Cement industry
  • Plaster industry
  • Dry mortar industry

Outstanding Performance through automated Mixing Process Management

Thanks to the integration of the business and production levels, all processes, from order management through the mixing process to logistics, can be optimized. In addition to mixing orders being transmitted to the mixing systems, the QUAT²RO® Batch automatically reports completed orders and status information to the ERP system. The more efficient capacity utilization of the machines and systems, the more conservative use of resources such as raw materials, energy, and time, plus the minimization of errors make automated mixing process management a worthwhile investment.

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QUAT²RO® Batch – Your Benefits

  • High level of automation and outstanding flexibility for the operator due to the configuration of basic and control recipes
  • Production of recipe-based batches with automatic weight monitoring
  • Conservation of resources and avoidance of waste
  • Data exchange with the ERP system and other applications
  • Documentation of production data, raw materials, stock, and finished products

Learn more about QUAT²RO® Batch in our Reference Report!

Our customer KLB in Kötztal optimizes their mixing processes with QUAT²RO® Batch

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