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QUAT²RO® System Intelligence

QUAT²RO® Monitoring

Enjoy letting a system work for you instead of working for your system. Networked machines are less susceptible to downtime. They supply data automatically, independently, and securely that can indicate potential maintenance issues while also enabling meaningful new insights into machine productivity, reject rates, and more. Take advantage of the full range of digital capabilities for process monitoring, control, analysis, and optimization.

QUAT²RO® Monitoring – Features

  • All machines and plants in a single portal
  • Performance data/operating status
  • Accessible data history
  • Maintenance intervals for various assemblies and components
  • Early notification of wear to parts
  • Generation of customized report templates
  • Automatic sending of reports
  • Generation of customized alarm notification templates
  • Automatically generated push notifications
  • Generation of service inquiries
  • Direct contact with experts
  • ...and much more

Your Benefits

  • Monitor your machines’ production rates in real time.
  • Detect signs of wear at an early stage.
  • Increase your efficiency by comparing a wide range of machine data.
  • Proactively plan your maintenance intervals on the basis of machine data.
  • Check the effect of your machine settings.
  • Optimize your resource planning.
  • Document faults, processes, and findings in the logbook.
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Our Configurator

QUAT²RO® System Intelligence

Try our QUAT²RO® System Intelligence configurator now and create your customized configuration!

Intelligent transparency with QUAT²RO® Monitoring

Check it out for yourself!

Want to stop working for your systems and have intelligent systems work for you instead? No problem: make your systems transparent and communicative! Receive real-time data from your systems automatically, independently, and securely – at any time and from any place.

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