QUAT²RO® Data – Weighing Data Statistics

QUAT²RO® Data is a software module for recording, displaying, and statistically evaluating weighing data. This data is read from weighing electronics and saved through the use of modern database technology. The module can be perfectly combined with other system solutions from the QUAT²RO range.

Collecting and Evaluating Weighing Data reliably

Thanks to the QUAT²RO® Data software module, additional production data can be quickly, reliably, and simply recorded and analyzed to provide optimum transparency and a clear overview. All pertinent data from the weighing electronics or check weigher of the broadest range of packaging machines is continually read via an interface. State-of-the-art database technology is used to save and merge this data to create statistical evaluations that serve as the basis for informative reports. Such comprehensive machine reports enable detailed evaluations of the overall production process.

Furthermore, the provision of the average weight and standard deviation together with the recording of the faults on the connected machines and the creation of individual weight reports makes it possible to depict each individual product. This in turn enables the identification of deviations and reduced production rates, and thus their targeted rectification by the user. In addition to more efficient production and fewer rejects, QUAT²RO® Data also enables compliance with the requirements for seamless statistical evaluation established by numerous certifications. Even large volumes of data are reliably captured and processed into information, enabling maximum safety and yield in production to become a reality.

QUAT²RO® Data – Functions

  • Quick and simple application for recording, presenting, and statistically evaluating weighing data
  • Interface for accessing all relevant data from the HAVER weighing electronics or check weigher
  • Collation and analysis of data for statistical reports
  • Reports for comprehensive evaluations of the entire production process
  • Creation of individual weight reports for each product
  • Provision of the average weight and standard deviation for reports plus the recording of fault messages on the connected weighing electronics

QUAT²RO® Data – Your Benefits

  • Precise, detailed information about the bags produced
  • Improved comprehensive overview
  • Operating faults and significant deviations can be easily detected
  • Greater transparency during the packaging process
  • Avoidance of customer complaints and rejects
  • Greater production efficiency
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